Regobs is a tool in the Varsom-platform which facilitates registering and sharing observations. This is important for emergency preparedness, and for the Varsom warning services for snow avalanches, landslides, lake ice and floods.

Regobs is available as a mobile app and at Regobs is delivered by NVE, in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) and Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET).

Use the data and maps at your own risk. Errors and omissions may be present. Data on Regobs is produced by the users and is available “as is”. NVE makes no warranties as to the currency of the information and does not take responsibility if the data results in incorrect or misleading information.

v5 is the latest version of our API, and requires authentication using OAuth2 for posting observations.


To post observations using the POST Registration endpoint, you need a NVE Account and a client ID. NVE Account uses OAuth2. See NVE Account Authorization for more info.


We require that is credited when using observation data or pictures. We also require that the observer/user that registered the data is credited using the username and other relevant information, eg. as specified in the image metadata.

About data and terms of service. 


We use swagger to document our APIs. See links to the swagger documentation below.

Environments and testing

We have a production environment and a test environment. The test environment can be used to test applications.


Note: Data posted to the production API will immediately be available on, and will be used by the warning services.


API documentation:



API documentation: